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Planter Boxes

Perfect for and large scale gardens

Fiberglass Pipes make perfect heavy duty planter boxes for all types of gardening applications. They are weather, termite, rust and rot resistance and last longer than the plants they hold! 

Totally customizable, they can be small enough for a few herbs or big enough to contain a gum tree. They can be painted very easily for that eye catching effect.


Rural Applications

Creek crossings, Culverts, Drainage, Troughs, Feeders & so much more...

The list goes on and on for possible uses in the rural sector. With little to no modification the pipes naturally replace the need to use cement for crossings, feeders, water troughs, culverts and drainage. The piping is more durable & longer lasting than cement.


*Disclaimer - piping is classed non-structural, please use in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. 

Bollards & Barriers

Contain crowds & traffic one day and beautifully compliment your pathways the next

We have perfected the design of creating multi-purpose, all weather, all season bollards that double as pathway flowerbeds. Add some unique colours or artwork and these bollards can be used in any city council for any event and never need to be stored. Full bollards weigh up to 3.5t, forklift compatible, connectable with chain eye-bolts. Contact us for a quote